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Highfield Way, Rickmansworth


Client & Brief:

A family of 5 wanted to increase their space and open up the potential in their large and beautifully located property.


What we acheived: Maximised potential

– Front porch

– Two storey Front Extension

– Two storey Side Extension

– Single storey Rear Extension

– Conversion of garage to be used as accommodation

– Alteration to roof form and a loft conversion

– Outbuilding


Not only was there an outbuilding approved but its linking to the main house was also achieved creating a courtyard-like space perfect for living and entertaining.



Due to the uniqueness of the street scene the design was allowed to be more free with what was proposed giving a more modern finish than is usually permissible in such a rural area utilising Render, Zinc, & London Yellow brick. Although the building increased in size massively the original form of the property was respected and enhanced. Use of glazing is throughout which made for a deep but an incredibly light and spacious home.


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