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Barking Road, Newham

Work in Progress

Client & Brief:

Our client had little faith in this site, but the potential had yet to be fully understood. The tight parameters of the site meant that every square meter was valuable and its conversion from a pawn brokers sorely needed in this high street going through regeneration.


What we achieved:

Demolition of a two storey loan shop.

Erection of a 6 storey, Mixed use apartment building in an unusually tight site making use of the slightest moments of aspect available. The long and thin spaces are curated to allow a flow of life with the risk of feeling constrained mitigated by the open plan, but visually divided spaces. Separating the living area to the front, more lively zone of the Highstreet and the bedroom to the rear to maximise the connection to the life of the street and minimising the disruption, respectively.



Currently going through the Full Planning process awaiting decision, but holding positive responses from officers thus far.

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