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It is important to start with the definition of BIM: “BIM is an intelligent model-based process that provides value across the lifecycle of a project.” From the earliest conception through to demolition – whether it’s a building, a bridge, a road, or airport.  

In BIM, designers can enter the real-world characteristics of objects, and simulate how they interact with one another without actually building them. 

Which role Revit plays? Autodesk Revit is not BIM, it’s a tool for BIM. It’s the software that allows us to review our company standards and improve current design workflow. Thanks to Revit we are able to win the toughest challenges with speed and accuracy.  

How using this tool can be useful also for our clients? Revit quickly shows the user how an object will look inside the space and quickly create rendered visualization of three-dimensional model to provide an immersive visual experience for a better understanding of the project proposed.    

Let’s be honest, the use of BIM technology is improving our life as designer and the relationship with clients!   

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